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Demolition Services

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Demolition Services

Palisco Asbestos Removal & Demolition offers different asbestos handling services as required for your project, whether large or small.

Our experts are certified to offer both hand and mechanical demolition services.

We are experienced to cover all types of industry including domestic, industrial, commercial and Government demolition projects.

Our experts are trained and certified to handle and remove hazardous material efficiently and safely.

We abide by all guidelines of health, safety and modern machinery to ensure an eco-friendly, quick and safe demolition process.

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Commercial and Industrial Demolition

We specialise in concrete, steel, brick and timber structure demolition.

Experts at Palisco have state-of-the-art tools and appropriate knowledge to work in different industrial environments.

All aspects of the demolition process including the safety and clean-up are handled with care.

Our innovative machinery can conduct swift, neat and efficient demolition.

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Our experts have the tools and technology to demolish old homes and residential properties. We conduct the necessary paperwork and make it easy for you.

Our team of experts evaluate, determine and conduct demolition plans and can cater within your budget. We conduct full-property and part-demolitions based on your requirement.

We use equipment that is certified by National Codes of Practice and International Safety Standards to help with whatever specifically is required for your demolition.

We handle demolition in any location, anywhere in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Trust us to handle your demolition

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