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Asbestos Removal

Palisco Asbestos Removal & Demolition is an Australian-owned, based and licensed company with years of professional experience in removing all types of asbestos products in Australia.

Our experts are Queensland Government certified asbestos removalists, and ensure all of our services are conducted in accordance with Health and Safety guidelines.

We extend our services to commercial, residential, industrial and Government projects.

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Asbestos Removal


Palisco Asbestos Removal & Demolition offers different asbestos handling services for large, small and medium scale projects in Australia.

Our experts are certified to offer both hand and mechanical demolition services. We cover all types of industries including domestic, industrial, commercial and Government demolition projects.

Our experts are trained and certified to handle hazardous material and ensure removal is made efficiently and safely from the premises.
We abide by all guidelines of health, safety and modern machinery to ensure an eco-friendly, quick and safe demolition process.

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At Palisco Asbestos Removal & Demolition, we have a flexible range of earthwork services including excavation and earthmoving.

All our contractors are trained and certified by the Queensland Government to handle complex equipment and government projects with effectiveness, safety and attention for all industries like domestic, industrial and commercial units.

Whether it’s a backyard clean up or a commercial level groundwork, our experts have the appropriate solution to it all.

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We also offer transportation management services for goods for long and short-term needs.

Our cartage service is available with 24 hours of notice.
We have an EPX Waste License to transport, remove and dispose of hazardous goods in compliance with health and safety guidelines.

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