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Here are some common questions related to the procedures, certification and safety of asbestos removal and disposal.

Contact our experts for more queries not listed below.

Q: How to determine if there is asbestos present in the property?

A: Firstly, it is essential to determine the last time when the property was renovated or repaired. If it was before 2000, then an inspection is essential. If the property was repaired after 2005, there is nothing to worry about as the Australian Government banned the use of all types of asbestos in 2003. Book an inspection from a certified Asbestos inspector if you are in doubt. Asbestos should not be handled without protective gear.

Q: Is it possible to remove asbestos myself?

A: Absolutely not! All types of asbestos require professional assistance when it comes to removal and disposal. Moreover, all asbestos removal experts are certified by the Australian Government. Do not risk your own safety as well as of those around you. It has dangerous airborne elements like carcinogen that is hazardous and causes cancer.

Q: Is the company qualified and certified for asbestos removal?

A: Indeed! Palisco Asbestos & Demolition is EPA-certified and holds necessary licenses from the Queensland, Australia Government. Holding both A-class and B-class licences allows us to remove Friable Asbestos and Non-Friable Asbestos. All our contractors also hold the necessary licences.

Q: What are the asbestos removing procedures used by the company?

A: We minimise the impact of asbestos removal throughout your home or workplace through effective containment options to include air purification systems during removal and post completion including hygiene services during the project. Tailored to your every requirement to maximise health and safety.

Q: What is the cost involved with asbestos removal?

A: There are plenty of aspects to consider when determining the cost of any project. Site access, property size, the condition, type, and amount of asbestos to be removed. Connect with our professionals for a site inspection and arrange a quote.